Club Creates Cultural Alliances

Arlington students learn to get past cliques

 Students at Martin High School in Arlington turned a summer camp experience into a new club aimed at bridging cultural gaps.

 "Encourage cultural diversity and acceptance," is the mission of The Multicultural Alliance Club said co-founder junior Iman Session-Brown.

 Member Emily Scott, also junior, called it a "great way to meet people outside your normal circle/"

 The idea came after several Martin students went to a five-day diversity leadership retreat called Camp CommUNITY designed by Fort Worth-based The Multicultural Alliance.

 "I didn't know before Camp CommUNITY how to approach certain people I normally wouldn't talk to, kinda taught me a way to do it, so I was like let's bring it here," said club co-founder and Martin senior Shalma Movassaghi.
 Senor Daniel Henry was also at the camp with Movassaghi last summer and said it made a difference in what he did at school.
 "Say hi to people you don't normally say hi to, talk to more people instead of staying with the same group of friends," explained Henry.

"You know in high school, there are a lot of judgments and rumors, and I don't even let that get in the way," added Movassaghi.

 "That's the goal. That's the hope. That everybody who comes to Camp CommUNITY will grow on a personal level and make friends and will promote positive social change," said Adena Citron-Walker with The MultiCultural Alliance.

To learn more about Camp CommUNITY, go to The Multicultural Alliance, 817-332-3271

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