Cloud Based DVR Offered For Cord Cutters

DVR's changed the game for so many of us. You can record not one but two or more shows at the same time, not to mention fast forward and rewind.

TV providers are turning to the cloud now.

Dallas-based AT&T launched "Direct TV Now" at the end of 2016.

It's an offering of TV channels designed for cord cutters. It didn't have that traditional DVR feel until now.

AT&T started rolling out the cloud based service today and it will continue to roll out on future devices over the next few weeks.

The cloud based DVR will let you fast forward and rewind, and record one show while watching another.

It’s all the traditional uses of a DVR but now on the streaming service.

This is a trend that more service providers are moving toward.

Sling TV and Hulu both offer cloud based DVRs already.

Now we're seeing more TV service providers offer a similar service.

AT&T charges anywhere from $35 to $70 a month for their Direct TV Now service, adding DVR capabilities is free right now but will be an extra $10 a month later this summer.

Keep in mind you still have to pay for an internet connection. You have to crunch the numbers for yourself and see if it's really worth it for you.

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