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Closing Arguments Friday in Trial of Accused Bandidos Kingpin

The murder trial of accused Bandidos kingpin Howard Baker, which has brought high security and high interest to the Tarrant County Courthouse, is nearing a conclusion.

Attorneys will deliver their closing arguments Friday morning.

Baker chose not to testify on Thursday, and the defense didn't call any other witnesses. But they did ask the judge to throw out some of the charges, saying prosecutors hadn't proven their case.

For its part, the prosecution focused on painting the Bandidos as not just a motorcycle club, but a criminal gang out for intimidation.

"It's huge to them," DPS Capt. Devin Gonzalez testified. "When they don their jackets – their cuts is what they call them, with their particular gang – that speaks a thousand words in their mind."

Baker is president of the Fort Worth chapter of the Bandidos. He's charged with organized crime, aggravated assault and the murder of 41-year-old Geoffrey Brady, all at Gator's biker bar in Fort Worth, back in December 2014.

Brady was part of a rival motorcycle club, and prosecutors say a group of Bandidos attacked him and other club members because of a turf war.

No one has testified that they saw Baker kill Brady, but multiple witnesses said they saw him there and at least one person said he had a gun.

On Thursday, Gonzalez testified that, as president of the chapter, Baker must have orchestrated the murder.

"If he was not there to give the OK, it would not be done," Gonzalez said. "There are some instances where members will act on their own, certain members, but they have to have some sort of confirmation through the president."

Prosecutors focused on that idea that Baker's status with the club makes him responsible. There has been extensive testimony about what other Bandidos did that night, not necessarily Baker himself pulling the trigger.

Two other Bandidos members were also arrested in the case but have yet to stand trial.

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