Close But Not Quite Address Leads to Decade of Mail Mix Ups

Sedonia and George Kidd have lived at 705 Kirnwood Drive in Dallas for more than four decades. For years, they got visitors and mail and deliveries with no problems.

"Because we were the only Kirnwood Drive," Sedonia Kidd explained. "Our trouble started later on."

About 10 years ago, the Kidds' mail starting going to an address at 705 East Kirnwood.

"It says return to sender," Sedonia Kidd said, reading a letter that didn't make it into her mailbox. 

The mail isn't the only thing getting mixed up.

"Yesterday they delivered my entire roof material to that address," George Kidd said, referring the the address at East Kirnwood. "They're always making mistakes like that," Sedonia Kidd chimed in.

"We need for them to know 705 Kirnwood is here," Sedonia Kidd exclaimed. "Not on the other side of (Interstate) 35. I am not asking for too much!"

The Kidds don't know if it's the result of a technical error or technology, or both. They say they've called and written the city of Dallas, and while their city council representatives have come and gone, the problem remains.

"Life is about inconsistency at times," Sedonia Kidd said. "But there are some things you shouldn't have to put up with on a regular basis."

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