Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for a Cause

Baylor Medical Center oncologist Brian Berryman is joining a group of cancer survivors and heading to Tanzania to make the climb up the tallest mountain in Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro.

"All of us have done quite a bit of preparation in terms of cardio, running, hiking, some of us biking,” Dr. Berryman said. “So, all of us have been working really hard to be in good shape.”

Their goal is to raise money for research and awareness about multiple myeloma – a cancer that forms in plasma cells.

Each climber raised more than $20,000.

Multiple myeloma survivor Charles Wakefield said the climb is a way to give back.

“We'd like to turn this into being a manageable, curable disease that you can live with."

The 15 member group starts their ascent of Kilimanjaro on Monday.

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