Clergy Join Police in Fight Against Crime

A group of clergy in Tarrant County are joining in the fight against crime.

The group are a collection of women and men who are extending their work in the community beyond the walls of the church in an alliance with the Fort Worth Police Department.

The Clergy And Police Alliance program is a coalition of pastors, ministers, and clergy from all faiths who have partnered with police to help those in need.

"Ministers are all about connecting with people, and that's one of the reasons the police department has networked with us," said Buddy Calzada, with Fort Worth Metro Ministries.

"We as officers want to help people and now we have a program that let's us bring the help to the people," said Sgt. Mark Thorne, with the Fort Worth Police Department.

The ministers provide helpful insight dealing with victims of crime, even providing comfort to the officers.

"It's just such a blessing to live in a city where we can do this," said George Westby, Cowboy Church.

The ministers must complete a 12-week training course in order to join the program.

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