North Texas

Cleburne Woman Thankful to be Alive After High Water Rescue

A Cleburne family is thankful to be together after rain led to flooding in North Texas.

Early Wednesday morning around 6 a.m., Jennifer Roberts was trapped inside her car due to high water on County Road 1126 near the Wallace Branch Nolan River.

Roberts called her husband Paul for help.

When Paul arrived to the scene, he said Roberts' Ford Mustang was already two to three feet deep, with water starting to come inside the car.

“You try to protect your family, but that was pretty helpless this morning,” said Paul.

He called 911, and both Godley and Cleburne Fire Departments arrived at the scene.

Rescue crews used a long ladder to reach the hood of Jennifer's car. They then busted a window, and got her out.

“As soon as she got on the ladder, that’s when the Mustang shifted and it was gone,” said Paul.

Her Mustang is still nowhere to be found.

Jennifer survived with only a few scratches.

Paul credits the rescue crews and the Lord for getting his wife out alive.

“The Lord is good. We’re believers here, and that’s who saved her,” he said.

Officials at the Cleburne Fire Department want to remind drivers to look out for high water, and to “turn around, don’t drown.”

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