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Cleburne Sinkhole Nearing Fix, After More Than a Year

There is sign of progress for a Johnson County community fighting to get a large sinkhole fixed after more than a year.

However, neighbors say the effort by the city and a company now contracted to do the work is not moving fast enough.

"Nobody's showed up," said resident Albert Salazar. "I haven't seen nobody here to check on anything and start work yet."

Salazar wants to believe the city of Cleburne will finally fulfill its promise.

"I wish I had faith and say, 'Yeah, I believe what they're going to say,' but we're going to see," he said.

He's cautious because of how long it's taken to do anything at all.

"More than a year later," he said, and he's seen little to no progress at the corner of Cedar and Tremont streets.

"I think they changed a couple signs, stickers on some signs, and that's about it," Salazar said.

In April, Salazar spoke with NBC 5 about the six-foot underground metal drainage pipe that had broken in the spring of 2016, causing the sinkhole.

The new city administrator told NBC 5 then that the city was playing "catch-up" on several projects across the city. The sinkhole, however, was too big of a project for the city to fix on its own. Cleburne decided to bid out the project and hoped to have work start this month.

However, when asked about where the project stands now, city manager Steve Polasek said the project has now been bid out to RayTech Services, LLC for $493,512.91.

"This scope of the work will include the installation of a 60-inch diameter HP Storm pipe along Cedar Street and extending from Wendell Street approximately 1,135 linear feet to the existing outlet headwall at the corner of Cedar and Blakney Streets," said Polasek, via email.

"The work also includes installing a junction box and steel pipe to encase and protect an existing 6-inch sanitary sewer line, lowering three (3) existing water mains, installing storm water laterals, asphalt pavement, and approximately 310 feet of channel grading to improve drainage to the receiving stream. Work should be underway very shortly," he continued.

"We'll see," Salazar said. "Just because they're saying it's going to start that doesn't mean nothing yet."

Salazar and other drivers have had to drive down three streets in order to reach Boone Street.

Frustration continues to mount.

"Just because it's not the best side of town, fix it. It don't matter. It's part of Cleburne," Salazar said.

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