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Cleburne Police Root for Child Battling Leukemia

Caleb Adams is fighting a rare form of leukemia, but he has the entire Cleburne Police Department rooting for him.

Several Cleburne police officers visited Caleb on Wednesday at Children's Medical Center in Dallas.

Last January, Caleb was "sworn-in" as a member of the police department and was even given a uniform as part of his birthday celebration.

"They love him, and he's one of them," said Caleb's mother, Amber Adams. "It means the world to me to see him smile."

On Wednesday, the officers let Caleb make an official radio call, and they presented Caleb's parents with $1,000 the department collected through a fundraiser.

Caleb dreams of becoming a police officer one day, and the professionals said he has a good head start.

"He's got a good attitude and seems happy all the time," said Cleburne Detective Colby Burris.

The officers spent more than two hours with Caleb Wednesday.

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