Clear the Shelters

Clear the Shelters Kicks Off With Free and Reduced Pet Adoptions

NBC and Telemundo are teaming up again with animal shelters across the country for the 'Clear the Shelters' adoption campaign

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The Sachse Animal Shelter is not big, so it doesn't take much to fill it with stray or unwanted pets.

"I always have a backstory in my mind about what that pet is thinking," animal control officer Brenda Smith said. "Are they scared?"

Smith said from the moment an animal arrives, staff and volunteers start working to make that pet adoptable.

'We just focus on what's best for the animal," Smith said. "And try to make them feel as much at home as we possibly can."

Sachse kicked off the first day of Clear the Shelters with a couple of kitten adoptions.

"We just want people to give these pets the home they deserve and the love they deserve," Smith said. "Because these pets are going to give you so much love, you just can't imagine."

Kimberly Roman recently adopted a German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix from the Sachse Animal Shelter she named 'Rock Oh'.

"He's just beautiful, and he's very docile, and you can tell he has a sweet soul," Roman said. "I couldn't ask for more."

Roman first saw 'Rock Oh' on the shelter's Facebook page, which acts as a kind of dating app for pets in need of a forever home.

"To showcase and show just how wonderful these dogs are," Smith said. "We had a dog that was here a few years ago. He was here for five months, maybe even close to six, and we found him his forever home, and there's just nothing like it."

"It was meant to be," Roman said looking at 'Rock Oh'.

Participating animal shelters are offering free and reduced adoption fees through September 19 to help Clear the Shelters.

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