Big Dogs, Not Just Puppies, Wait in Shelters for New Homes

SPCA says adult dogs often wait weeks or months to be adopted

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At the SPCA of Texas shelter in West Dallas, people looking to adopt a dog notice something as they walk from kennel to kennel – the dogs are all adults.

That’s because the puppies find homes first, often the day they come in.

"Adult dogs are here for weeks or months,” said Maura Davies, SPCA’s vice president of marketing and communications. “It's a big difference."

Davies sees it all the time.

Older dogs just don't get the love puppies do.

"We need homes for big dogs,” she said. “We have so many big adult dogs that are looking for fabulous homes."

She says the big dogs have advantages, too.

"Adult dogs often can be potty trained,” she said. “They might know tricks like sit, shake, lay down. A lot of times they can be a lot calmer. Puppies out there, you need to teach them everything."

To encourage more big dog adoptions, the SPCA is running a special -- just $25. That includes spay or neuter surgery, a chip, and all the vaccines they need.

It’s a bargain, considering fees can range up to $150.

"I know a lot of people out there are looking for puppies,” Davies said. “But now's the time if your family is ready to adopt, please come out and adopt a big dog. They need homes too."

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