Cleanup in Granbury Begins for Some

The overwhelming process of cleaning up after Wednesday night's tornado in Granbury is underway.

In the hardest hit areas, it's still not safe for people to return to their neighborhood. Meanwhile, utility crews are working to repair downed power lines.

"It was huge, absolutely huge," said neighbor Shawn Hanna.  Hanna had been heading home and watched as the massive tornado tore through Granbury.

"We were driving in it and I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, it's going to hit the house.' It was on top of the house and he's like, 'We've got to get the dog," said Hanna.

Their house survived with minor damage, but just a quarter mile down the road homes are seriously damaged or destroyed.

"These two houses are the only ones on the road that didn't get effected that we can see.  Everything on down, that we can see, are pretty much up in the trees," Hanna said.

In trying to escape from the twister, Hanna discovered the chaos as people scrambled in the Rancho Brazos subdivision where several of the homes were built through Habitat for Humanity for low income families.

"It was really, really bad.  We out ran it, thank goodness.  But, we were first on the scene at Rancho Brazos.  We were looking for people, hollering for their kids," Hanna recalls.

Hanna said several retirees live in the nearby De Cordova Ranch subdivision where some large homes are leveled.

Seven people are still missing in the aftermath. 

"They're still looking for people we know.  The elderly mom, running around trying to find her friend," Hanna said.

Volunteers are rallying any way they can and are meeting at First United Methodist Church at 301 Loop 567.  People who want to lend a hand should meet on the Loop side and look for the CERT trailer. 
"It's a tight-knit community.  Everyone knows everyone.  We'll all come together.  It's what we do," said Hanna.

Crews are searching through the devastation for other victims and working to identify those who have died.

The sheriff said until the area is safe, residents will not be able to return home.

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