Cleaning Up After July Fourth

Lynn Creek Park left with 400 bags of trash after holiday

A Grand Prairie park is recovering after the Fourth of July.

Park officials spent approximately $4,000 to clean up after Lynn Creek Park's estimated 24,500 holiday visitors.

"I worked here yesterday for 14 hours and today, we're staying for eight, too," said Anthony Martinez, one of about 20 temporary workers hired to pick up trash.

Martinez said this is his first year doing the short-term gig and said he has now seen it all -- "sandals, shirts, underwear -- like nasty stuff -- which is real awkward," he said.

Bob McGlothlin, Lake Parks superintendent, said he also noticed another unusual item that was left behind.

"We kind of joke about this as the barbecue grill graveyard out here," he said. "It seems like people save their barbecue grills and this is the last hurrah for their barbecue grill, and they just leave it here with us."

It took about two days to collect up to 400 bags of trash from 80 acres of land, McGlothlin said.

"The closer to the water you are, the more trash you've got," he said.

Tina White, a Lynn Creek Park visitor, said she and her family always make an effort to enjoy the park without contributing to the mess.

"It's just sad, because other people want to come and enjoy the parks and it's too bad that they couldn't just pick up instead of having other people do it," she said.

By late Thursday morning, much of the trash has been picked up, impressing visitors such as Rosa Weems.

"It makes me feel good to be a resident in Grand Prairie, because they really work hard to keep this park clean," she said.

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