Classic License Plate Will Soon Return to Texas Vehicles

Texas license plate manufacturer My Plates is bringing back one of the state's most popular general-issue license plate designs.

Up until a few years ago, the design featuring the space shuttle and the cowboy was commonplace on Texas plates. The plate was introduced in 2000 and replaced in 2009 after more than 31.5 million had been issued.

Texas drivers who loved the homage to the exploration of land, oil and space can now once again adorn their vehicles with the classic design.

The new twist on the classic plate can be customized up to 7 characters, whether up to 7 letters or a mix of alpha-numeric characters.

"Another slight change for the keen historian or plate collector is that the original design when released as a general-issue plate displayed a horse with only three legs. The new design released by My Plates will feature a four-legged horse. The plate is also now manufactured via modern printing technology, and is no longer stamped like the original issue," My Plates said in a news release.

My Plates, who designs and markets specialty plates for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, said they need to reach a pre-order threshold of 200 plates to move into production. Pre-orders for the Texas 2000 plate start at $50. Five year terms that offer a multi-year discount are also available.

"This iconic Texas license plate has been very popular in recent surveys and we expect that popularity to continue now that it is available to purchase" said Steve Farrar, President of My Plates.

Texans wishing to pre-order the Texas 2000 plate design, with personalization or without, can visit MyPlates.com or call the My Plates customer service center at 888-769-7528 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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