DPD Braces For Civilian Layoffs

Job cuts could take patrol officers off the street

As the Dallas Police Department loses a quarter of its civilian workforce, some officers worry that they could be moved off the streets and placed behind a desk.

DPD Association President Glenn White said the concern comes after City Hall asked the police department to lay off 190 of its nearly 800 civilian employees.

“You are going to have officers sitting there answering the phones and very counter productive, and I’m not sure your going to save any money," White said. "Let the civilians do it 'cause they do such a good job. Put the officers on the street and let us do our patrol job.”
However, the department has not determined which civilians will be let go, therefore there is no way to determine what effect it will have on patrol officers, said Dallas police spokesman Sgt. Warren Mitchell.

“Of course the citizens of Dallas are our No. 1 priority, and we are hoping we will be able to manage some way, but we will do the best we can,” he said.

Mitchell acknowledged that losing 190 civilians will be difficult.

“We rely on them for everything, and without them, it's going to be a tough deal,” he said.

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