Civic and Religious Groups, Parents Call for Action in Wake of McKinney Viral Video

Several civic and religious groups met with McKinney officials to call for action in the wake of a viral video that left a McKinney Police officer on administrative leave after video of police response to a disturbance call Friday was posted online.

Police said officers were dispatched to the Craig Ranch North Community Pool Friday evening. The initial caller said several teenagers were in the area who did not live there or have permission to be there and refused to leave.

One of the responding officers, Corporal Eric Casebolt, was placed on administrative leave after the video that went viral showed him throwing 15-year-old Dajerria Becton facedown to the ground and apparently pinning her with his knees. He also cursed at the crowd and pointed his gun at two other teens.

Civic groups and church leaders met with McKinney officials Monday to discuss next steps in the internal investigation.

Rev. Ronald Wright with Justice Seekers Texas said his group is calling for the firing of Casebolt.

"This simply could have been handled different by this officer asking them to get off of that property or they will give them a citation, but this officer didn't do that," said Wright. "And as a corporal he should know what needs to be done and how it should be done when it comes to people being on properties that they shouldn't be on."

The McKinney Police Department has placed one of its officers on administrative leave as officials investigate after video of police response to a disturbance call Friday was posted online.

Minister Dominique Alexander with Next Generation Action Network said the children in the video lived in Craig Ranch and had every right to be at the pool party.

Jahi Adisa Bakari says his 13-year-old daughter was the teenager who was pushed away by Casebolt.

Bakari said he doesn't condone his daughter's response to a friend crying for help, but questions the police response to the situation and the fact that no female or black officers responded to the scene.

"I'm not indicting the entire police department, because I saw some people doing the right thing, I saw officers actually talking trying to keep the matter right, this guy was just out of control," said Bakari.

The McKinney Police Department places Cpl. Eric Casebolt on administrative leave as officials investigate an incident captured on video of police responding to a disturbance call Friday. (Photo taken from YouTube video posted by Brandon Brooks)

Police said nine additional officers arrived, and the situation was eventually brought under control.

Maurice Gray, a McKinney resident, who's wife and five children were at the pool cautioned people about the accounts of what happened saying some of the events are "a little distorted" and full of speculation and opinion.

He said accounts that kids were unruly are possible. "Don't ever say your kid would never do that, kids do anything when they're not around a parent," said Gray.

A McKinney police officer is on administrative leave after a video showed him pushing a young teenaged girl in a swimsuit to the ground outside a pool. Videos courtesy of Brandon Brooks and Jahda Bakari.

Derrick Golden a minister at the non-denominational Amazing Church, called for calm and for time to allow for due process.

"McKinney is on watch, McKinney is here, we believe that we're going to get the right, righteous resolve and that's what's most important to us," said Golden. "We appreciate everybody else, but there's a family that's involved and not just one. There's a young man involved and not just one. Even the  officer, if could apologize, he couldn't now because the media is so incredibly intense."

"Everybody in the country can have what they do, we have no problem with that. Here's what I have a problem with, give us a chance to handle our business, and then we'll report back to you and tell you what's actually happened," he said.

Golden joined with the pastor at Christ Fellowship in McKinney in calling for prayer.

"We are standing together, against racism, against hatred, against violence, and we're standing up and calling our city to justice, to peace and to love. Really, to love our neighbors to reach across ethnic lines, to extend our hand, to embrace each other," said Pastor Bruce Miller. "We are calling for the churches to pray, we're calling today for a time of healing, to meet together this evening to pray across all churches, across all racial lines."

"We realize these problems across our country, frankly across the world can only be solved in the power of God," said Miller.

The McKinney Police Department has placed one of its officers on administrative leave as officials investigate after video of police response to a disturbance call Friday was posted online.

David Lee, who described himself as a Christian author, said not only do authorities need to look at the actions of Casebolt, but others in the department that may harbor racial bias.

"Take for a minute, the consideration that these are not black kids, make them whatever color you want, at the end of the day, the behaviors that we observed are completely unacceptable for anyone who occupies a position where he possesses the ability to exercise lethal force," said Lee.

Monday afternoon, concerned residents confronted McKinney's mayor and council members at a meeting scheduled long before the pool party controversy erupted.

"It's hard to justify a child, she was not much bigger than my own, being thrown to the ground," said McKinney resident Chelle Wilson. "Coming from a mother, I understand there were incidents that led up to that, but it's hard for me to imagine."

McKinney police Chief Greg Conley spoke to the press Sunday on the investigation of an incident recorded on video showing the police response to a disturbance at a pool party.

Mayor Brian Loughmiller called for called for calm.

"Understand we have an investigation going on, there will be answers, and in the meantime let's bring the community together," he said.

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