City of Plano Least Stressful City in Texas: Survey

The financial survey ranked 182 metropolitan cities.

Plano has been ranked as the least stressful city in Texas, according to a WalletHub survey.

According to the American Psychological Association, 75 percent of adults are burned out and stressed out, but if you are looking to maximize your “zen-ology,” a new survey from Wallet Hub shows the City of Plano is where you want to be.

The financial survey ranked 182 metropolitan cities and gauged stressed levels for health and safety, employment, finances, and family.

“If you’re financially secure, you have peace of mind. That relieves stress. If you have good health that relieves stress,” said Steve Stoler who is the City of Plano’s Public Information Officer. “If you have a good environment, a place where you can live and play have a good work life balance, every area of your life will be impacted. I think Plano offers all those things. From a financial standpoint, we 280,000 people that live in Plano, we have almost that number in the number of jobs that we have here. People are coming from other city to work in Plano,” said Stoler.

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