City of Mesquite Offering Rent Assistance to Residents

This is a part of the city's "Recovery Mesquite" efforts to help citizens deal with COVID-19

Telemundo 39 / NBC 5

Mesquite residents affected economically by COVID-19 can now apply for new funds set aside for them to assist with their mortgage, rent and utilities.

Mesquite residents can apply for the "Resident Assistance Program" on the city's website.

"As we launched our initial residential assistance program, the funds were for all Dallas County residents which included Mesquite residents," said Assistant City Manager Raymond Rivas. "These new funds being administered by Catholic Charities are set aside purposely aid Mesquite residents with their mortgage, rent or various utilities."

Mesquite residents can also call 214-257-0674 for more details on the essential emergency assistance for partial rent and utility assistance through Disaster Services at Catholic Charities Dallas.

This is a part of "Recovery Mesquite", the city's effort to assist citizens and the business community with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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