City of Lewisville Water Restrictions Remain in Effect

Surface level view of backyard sprinkler spraying
Chris Clor/Getty Images

The City of Lewisville is continuing daytime outdoor water restrictions that were originally enacted on May 1 and will continue to run through the end of September.

The summertime restriction became mandatory in 2014 and is intended to help conserve the city’s water supply by reducing water waste that is common during the dayside.

Automated and manual sprinklers are not allowed between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. during this time period. Hand-watering and use of soaker hoses are not restricted.

Watering schedules for residents are determined by street address. Properties with an even-numbered address are allowed to water on Tuesday and Saturday. Properties with an odd-numbered are allowed to water on Wednesday and Sunday. Commercial properties are allowed to water on Monday and Thursday.

Additionally, Upper Trinity Regional Water District supplies water to Castle Hills and also has seen a rise in the amount of water taken from Lewsivlle Lake to keep up with water demands. Due to this rise, the Water District is also moving to Stage 1 Watering Restrictions that mirror the City of Lewisville’s restrictions.

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