Irving Purchases House Where Oswald Stored Rifle

It's not Cowboys Stadium, but hey

The JFK assassination holds perennial fascination for many, as does apparently anything remotely associated with anyone involved in it. The City of Irving thought it worth purchasing the house where Lee Harvey Oswald stored and picked up the gun used to assassinate the president the night before he perpetrated the act (if he did! Cue mysterious music).

The city paid $175,000 for the house, far more than the $84,000 Dallas Central Appraisal District list price, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The city believes it has historical value, but doesn't have definitive plans on what to do with it just yet. The city manager could not be reached for comment.

The home belonged to Ruth Paine, a woman who had taken in Oswald's estranged, pregnant wife Marina, at the time of the event in 1963. Oswald reportedly stored a rifle in the home's garage, which was missing on the day of the assassination, leading to the belief that he picked it up when he came to visit the day before.

Holly LaFon has written for various local publications including D Magazine and Examiner.

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