Fort Worth

City of Fort Worth Penalized $28,296 For Not Paying Taxes on Time

Texas Comptroller later grants city’s request to waive penalty

Even cities sometimes have trouble paying their taxes on time.

The Texas Comptroller fined the city of Fort Worth $28,296 because it was more than two weeks late forwarding sales tax revenue to the state, the comptroller’s office said late Friday.

The taxes were due in mid-January but were not received until Feb. 2, said Texas Comptroller’s spokesman Kevin Lyons.

The city paid a penalty of $28,296.08, which represents five percent of the total monthly amount, plus a $50 late-payment fee, Lyons said.

The city asked the state to waive the penalty, explaining that an employee who normally handles the payment had left and nobody else realized the taxes were due, Lyons said.

On Friday, the comptroller granted the city’s request and will reimburse the city.

Fort Worth city spokesman Kevin Neal said he was researching the matter but did not answer emails or phone calls late Friday.

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