City Of Dallas Sues Apartment Owner, Alleges ‘Unacceptable Conditions'

The City of Dallas has filed a lawsuit against the owner of nearly 40 apartments in Pleasant Grove, alleging "unacceptable conditions" and demanding immediate repairs.

Assistant City Attorney J. Evan Farrior said the suit is "part of a wider initiative to address unacceptable conditions with many of the Rothington Road apartments."

"The City has filed suit to seek repairs and penalties of up to $1,000 per violation, per day, should the owners fail to take immediate action," Farrior told NBC 5 via email.

The property's owner, Tung Nguyen, denied knowing about the lawsuit and declined to comment when reached by NBC 5 over the phone.

"Mildew in the bathrooms, water leaking from upstairs to down, so yeah, shut them down," tenant Alfreida James said.

Among the dozens of alleged violations is a failure to eliminate insect infestations, a problem Tiffany Boldene said she knows all too well.

"I woke up this morning to that, you knock it down and in a quick second it's right back," Boldene said, pointing at termites crawling across her wall.

The City of Dallas said there are currently no plans to vacate the property and relocate residents but is urging residents to call 311 if they have any code compliance concerns.

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