City of Dallas Asks Court for Permission to Remove Confederate War Memorial

NBC 5 News

On Wednesday, the city of Dallas filed an emergency motion, asking a judge to remove a temporary injunction, which would allow for the removal of a Confederate War monument in downtown.

Dallas' Confederate War Memorial, located in Pioneer Park Cemetery near City Hall, has been at the center of court debates for years.

The city is now asking for the temporary injunction to be removed, before a planned protest at the cemetery this Saturday.

In the request, the city cites other Confederate monuments that have been vandalized and even destroyed around the country. In an effort to preserve the 122-year-old Frank Teitch sculpture, the city is requesting removal of the monument, so it can be stored and used for historical purposes.

The city also states that the monument stands over 65-feet-tall and if protesters are able to topple the monument, it could seriously injure anyone standing nearby at the time.

The Dallas city attorney adds in the document that a contractor has been secured for the removal process, and has assured city officials that the monument can be removed and stored without damage, and if any damage did happen, they would be able to repair the monument.

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