City of Colleyville to Mail 10,000 Gift Cards to Support Businesses, Families During Holiday Season

The $35 Colleyville Christmas Cards are redeemable at any participating Colleyville business

The City of Colleyville is mailing nearly 10,000 gift cards to residents to encourage shopping local this Christmas season.

According to city officials, the $35 Colleyville Christmas Cards are redeemable at any participating Colleyville business.

Local businesses will collect the cards and return them to the city in exchange for a check for the total amount.

“The Colleyville Christmas Card program is an economic development effort to infuse our local economy with consumers and cash,” Mayor Richard Newton said. “We provide the cards to Colleyville residents, and they choose where to spend it. It’s a great connection between two of our greatest resources, our people and our businesses. Our businesses have invested in Colleyville, and now it’s our turn to invest in them.”

This is not the first time the City of Colleyville has mailed gift cards to residents and businesses in need.

The city mailed gift cards to households on multiple occasions earlier this year to provide relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Colleyville City Council has also approved a Christmas Colleyville Cares Card program.

Through the program, the city will provide $50 gift cards to local houses of worship to be distributed to families in need this holiday season.

The city has partnered with Ministerial Alliance, a group created by Newton to provide a direct line of communication with congregations, because of their established distribution process and ability to identify the needs of community members, city officials said.

According to city officials, if a resident is not a member of a local church, the city has extra Colleyville Cares cards available at City Hall.

“The city is doing everything we can to support our local businesses and families in need this Christmas season,” Newton said. “We recognize that many are hurting because of the pandemic. Hopefully, these gift cards provide a glimmer of hope during the season of giving.”

City officials said that funding for these programs will come from the City’s Tax Increment Financing district, located primarily along State Highway 26, Colleyville’s main commercial corridor.

Colleyville officials said that the cards should arrive in mailboxes by mid-November.

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