City of Bedford Bans E-Cigarettes in Non-Smoking Areas

The City of Bedford will be enforcing a new policy that will reduce the number of locations where the public can use e-cigarettes.

The Bedford City Council approved an ordinance that will ban the use of e-cigarettes in locations where smoking is already prohibited. Such areas include elevators, hospitals, health care facilities, movie theaters, city facilities and more, the city said in a news release.

The new ordinance will also make it illegal for a person to sell e-cigarettes, or liquid nicotine, to minors; declaring it a criminally negligent offense.

The city council said certain requirements will exist when purchasing or selling this product. A user must demonstrate proof of identification when purchasing  e-cigarettes. Self-service merchandising of e-cigarettes will not be permitted. Vendors must assist when a sale of an e-cigarette is made.

The newly adopted ordinance will be enforced within the next couple of weeks and will deal with e-cigarettes as most tobacco items, said the city in a news release.

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