Collin County

City Lines Redrawn in Collin County Over Pothole Complaint

One road with potholes has three cities in Collin County taking action.

City lines in Plano, Murphy and Parker are being redrawn because of a complaint about potholes on Dublin Road.

Drivers who use the road say heavy rain this spring made conditions worse.

"They were big enough that we have to swerve the car in order to not run into the potholes," said Murphy resident Julie Stade.

Stade uses Dublin Road to get in and out of her neighborhood.

The west side of the road is in Murphy and the east side is in Plano. Since Dublin Road straddles city limits it was unclear which city should be responsible for maintaining it.

Jack Carr, Plano's director of engineering, says the issue also raised questions about public safety.

"If you have an accident or if somebody wants to write a ticket out there, you don't know if you're inside the city limits of Plano, Murphy, Parker or outside," Carr said.

Plano recently agreed to shift its city limits. Once boundary agreements are finalized, Dublin Road will run through Parker and Murphy only.

"Since we didn't have any Plano residents using that roadway primarily, they were going to Parker or to Murphy, we moved it to the west side, the west right-of-way line," Carr said.

Moving forward, it'll be up to Parker and Murphy to maintain the road.

The city of Plano will fix the road before it's handed over. Repairs will cost about $195,000 and should begin within the next couple months.

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