City Council to Hold Evaluations for Top Dallas Officials This Week

Former officials say budget season evaluation is not typical

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Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax will get an unusual job evaluation this week in the middle of the city budget season in a closed-door executive session with Dallas City Council members on Wednesday.

Former Mayor Tom Leppert said evaluations are not typically conducted in the weeks leading up to budget approval at the end of September.

“Yes, I think it is unusual. Clearly there is some issue that certain council people feel needs to be addressed with a sense of urgency,” Leppert said.

A spokesman in the mayor’s office said the review was requested by councilman Adam McGough, chairman of the Dallas City Council Public Safety Committee.

McGough was highly critical of Police Chief U. Renee Hall last week at a special Public Safety Committee meeting in which an after-action report on this year’s demonstrations was discussed. Hall gave herself a C- grade for the handling of the demonstrations.

“It is clear to me that we did have indeed a failure of leadership,” McGough said Tuesday.

McGough did not return messages Monday.

Hall reports to the city manager, who has hiring authority for most city employees.

Last week Broadnax declined to comment on personnel matters regarding Hall. Through a spokesperson, Broadnax said he discusses any concerns directly with Hall.

Typically, sitting city council members do not discuss matters that are handled in executive session.

Monday, former city council member Erik Wilson agreed with Leppert about the unusual nature of this evaluation.

“Typically we would get through the budget process and then between the next one have an evaluation period,” Wilson said.

The budget is especially difficult this year with some demonstrators demanding “defunding” police to boost social programs.

Broadnax proposed a budget that adds social programs but still maintains most police funding.

Violent crime in Dallas is still running at the high level it reached last year. In January, Hall said her plans were intended to reduce violent crime this year.

“To see these numbers deteriorating would worry, not only myself but all the citizens of Dallas,” Leppert said.

In the past, Broadnax was quoted as saying Hall would be chief as long as he is city manager.

Wilson said he supported both Broadnax and Hall and hoped they remain in place.

Wilson said the grade Hall gave herself is actually positive and she deserves the chance to make improvements.

“I think it's very noble of her trying to be as transparent as possible, admitting her faults,” Wilson said.

The evaluation occurs behind closed doors with public notice only if changes occur.

The city attorney, city secretary and city auditor are also mentioned for executive session evaluation on Wednesday’s city council agenda.

Mayor Eric Johnson’s Chief of Staff Tristan Hallman said an evaluation facilitator who was not able to travel in March is available for this closed-door meeting.

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