Church's Billboards Affirm Gay Love

Four billboards along Interstate 30 between Fort Worth and Grand Prairie will likely send some drivers into fits.

The billboards are inviting Christians to be more Christian by not excluding gays and lesbians from their churches, while asserting that it is OK in the eyes of God to be homosexual -- a practice thought by many conservative Christians to be an abomination.

The "Would Jesus Discriminate" campaign is sponsored by five DFW Metropolitan Community Churches, whose congregations are predominantly gay and lesbian.  The purpose of the campaign is to "engage people in a friendly discussion about Jesus' message of inclusion," according to the Web site.

With statements such as "Jesus affirmed a gay couple" and "Ruth loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve," the billboards assert homosexuality has been around for thousands of years.  The billboards also offer a scripture reference that is meant to validate the message.

Each billboard also asks the reader, "Would Jesus discriminate?"

So, what do you think about the billboards?  Leave your comments below.

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