Church Website Lists Naughty and Nice Businesses

"Grinch Alert" lets visitors rate businesses on their Christmas spirit

Santa's not the only one with a naughty-and-nice list. allows visitors to call a business "naughty" or "nice" based on their Christmas spirit.

Businesses with the "nice" tag have prominently displayed Christmas trees and tell visitors "Merry Christmas."

But those on the "naughty" list use terms such as "Happy Holidays" and have neutral decorations.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Jeffress at First Baptist Dallas, the website's founder, said it is a way to "call out businesses that bow to political correctness but also encourage businesses that do acknowledge the real reason for the season."

"We're not the ones deciding who is on the naughty-and-nice list," he said. "That's the public's decision. I think we need to show toleration toward people who don't celebrate Christmas -- that's fine. But also, we shouldn't discriminate against those who do."

At least one of the businesses deemed "naughty" said it isn't happy about the tag.

An online visitor called out Mi Cocina in Southlake because someone answering the restaurant's phone said "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas."

Ray Washburne, one of the restaurant's managing partners, said Mi Cocina does plenty during the Christmas season and doesn't deserve the "naughty" tag.

"We believe we live out Christ's model of compassion for the poor, needy and brokenhearted who he came to save at Christmas and all year long, " he said in a statement. "We feed 600 children at Snowball Express, which is for children whose parents have been killed fighting overseas, feeding the homeless one Saturday a month and reaching out to children in South Dallas through toys and food at S.M Wright's Christmas in the Park."

Jeffress said the website doesn't call for boycotts of "naughty" businesses, but just sheds light on businesses that put Christmas front and center.

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