Tarrant County

Church Pastor Released From Isolation and Quarantine

Rev. Pace, Trinity Episcopal, Fort Worth.
Trinity Episcopal Church

The first Tarrant county case of coronavirus has been released from isolation and quarantine.

Rev. Dr. Robert Pace, rector of Trinity of Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, has had two negative tests for coronavirus.

The Tarrant Public Health Department has signed an order releasing him from isolation and quarantine.

Pace’s wife, Rev. Dr. Jill Walters, will restart a two-week quarantine, but they will not have to remain separated from one another.

Pace is still recovering from pneumonia.

Pace said in a statement:

“I am so pleased to announce that I have had my second "negative" Covid-19 test by the Tarrant County Health Department. I am now cleared and released from quarantine. However, my wife, Jill, will continue in quarantine here at home for another 14 days. Jill and I want to express our heart-felt gratitude to all the people who have been praying for us.”

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