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Church Falls Victim to Repeated Burglaries

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A Southeast Fort Worth house of worship was not off limits for a burglar.

Church leaders at St. Timothy Church say they have been victimized, yet again.

“We definitely feel like we’ve been picked on,” said junior warden of St. Timothy Anglican Church Steve Blackman. “Why? Why do people pick on a church?”

“Why would somebody do that? I feel bad for them,” Blackman said.

NBC 5 has reported on the church being the target of thieves since 2017.

In one break-in, someone stole items from the altar, including a chalice.

In another incident, a man cut wires to the building.

“They’ve stolen air conditioning units off the building,” Blackman said.

Security cameras were installed and working, until last Wednesday morning.

The church tells NBC 5 that a man, seen on video dressed in all black with a backpack, walked up to their building.

“We have one video of him stealing the camera,” Blackman said.

The church’s cameras have now been stolen too. Five cameras in all.

Blackman says they’ve had to call Fort Worth police on transients who have broken into church property.

It’s not clear who the latest stranger is.

NBC 5 has asked police for information and any updates on the investigation into last week's burglary.

“At this point, we’re not sure what to do,” Blackman said. “Honestly, don’t know what else we could do, without just posting a guard 24/7 and we just don’t have the money for that.”

For now, this church community can only hope someone recognizes the latest thief and pray police catch him and others, before a church member or employee becomes their target.

“We’re worried that somebody’s going to come in and hurt them,” he said. “Rob them or whatever.”

The church asks that anyone with information contact Fort Worth police or call the church at 817-536-7856. To contact the church, click here.

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