Christmas Gifts Stolen From Garland Apartment

Police investigating Christmas presents stolen from apartment

While families across North Texas are gearing up for the holidays, one family is trying to keep the Holiday spirit alive after all of their Christmas gifts were stolen.

As Jaclyn Hall carries boxes from her apartment complex of the 3500 Block of Bobtown, she wishes those boxes contained the Christmas presents she bought for her children. Instead, she’s moving out.

“It's violating, it’s hurtful,” said Hall. “It hurts more than anything and what your kids are gonna think when they don’t have Christmas.”

The mother of two small children does not feel safe in her apartment after it was burglarized the day after Black Friday. Nearly $2000 worth of gifts were taken from her home while she wasn’t there -- and all the doors were locked.

"You're more hurt than angry, you're more upset that you spent hours in line waiting in line to buy and save money for your family's Christmas and that you come in and everything is gone,” said Hall.

Jaclyn Hall is now living with her parents in Mesquite.

“She’s a very hard worker and somebody just came in and took everything out of her apartment, and I just think people are very cruel especially at Christmas,” said mother Donna Hall.

Neighbors said it made them doubt their neighborhood surroundings.

According to Garland Police statistics, 40 Burglary of Habitat incidents happened the week of Black Friday alone. 44 Burglary of Habitats were reported the next week and 47 the week after.

Still for the Halls, it’s not about the material things -- they just want whomever is responsible to be caught.

“I am very thankful that everybody was safe and alive and to not forget the meaning of Christmas, “ said Jaclyn Hall.

If you know any information about this incident call Garland Police at 972-272-TIPS.

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