Christian Group Sends Disaster Relief Supplies

Nonprofit sends out 720 flood kits, hundreds of blankets

The North Texas branch of a Christian relief organization has sent its first truckload of disaster relief supplies to the East Coast for Superstorm Sandy.

World Vision North Texas' facility in Grand Prairie is the hub for disaster relief supplies.

"We've been waiting, unfortunately, for this moment to support and get this out to the people who need it most," said Jacob West, World Vision North Texas site manager.

Crews loaded 720 flood kits and hundreds of blankets onto a truck heading to New York.

West said its facility in Brooklyn was evacuated on Monday. He said he hoped it would reopen by the time the truck arrived.

"We will connect with our partners and talk with -- whether it's a community-based program or a school -- and find out what areas and pockets of need there are," he said. "And then we'll use their knowledge and their experience to help us get those products out to the people who need it the most."

World Vision responded to six disasters throughout the country in 2011, helping almost 40,000 people.

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