Chris Kyle's Wife Views Clay Statue

The widow of slain former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle on Friday saw for the first time the sculpture an artist is creating of her husband.

Florida-based artist Greg Marra is working on a six-and-a-half-foot clay statue that will be used to make a mold for a bronze sculpture of the sniper, who was shot and killed at a remote gun range in early February.

The clay piece arrived in North Texas on Thursday, flanked by Patriot Guard Riders. He asked Kyle's family to view the clay statue to see if they want any additions or adjustments made.

Taya Kyle's viewing of the work was closed to the public.

However, the public will be able to view it Saturday and Sunday at Schaefer Art Bronze, which is located at 132 S. Collins St. in Arlington. No times were specified.

Marra was beginning work on a sculpture honoring U.S. Marines when he learned of Kyle's slaying. He then decided to instead work on statue of Kyle.

"I believe Chris Kyle suffered and was murdered, but I'll be darned if we're going to let it go down just like that," he said. "Now he's coming back even stronger. His message is even stronger now and the bad guys, they may have won a battle but they're not going to win the war, and if there's anything I can do with my hands and some clay and that is to resurrect, in a sense, the spirit of a warrior who sacrificed everything for us, then I do that."

Marra is not accepting money for the piece. However, donations are being accepted to offset the cost of the sculpture.

When completed, it will be donated to the Kyle family.

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