Chopper 5 Surveys Damage After Tropical Storm Bill

On Thursday, Chopper 5 surveyed the damage after Tropical Storm Bill moved through North Texas.

Many boats were damaged at marinas on Lake Lewisville and Joe Pool Lake. Chopper 5 also flew over the flooded ball fields at Grapevine Lake and California Crossing, which is notorious for flooding during heavy rain. The Trinity River is full once again and slope failures have been reported along some North Texas roads.

Boats and docks damaged on Lake Lewisville can be seen in the player above, you can see all of the rest of the videos below.

Boats and Docks Damaged at Lynn Creek Marina

Chopper 5 shows boats and docks damaged at Lynn Creek Marina on Joe Pool Lake.

Damaged Boats at Joe Pool Marina

Chopper 5 shows many damaged boats and docks at the Joe Pool Marina on Joe Pool Lake after Tropical Depression Bill moved through North Texas.

Flooded Fields at Grapevine Lake

Chopper 5 shows the damage to baseball fields at Oak Grove Park on Grapevine Lake.

Trinity River on Thursday

Chopper 5 surveyed the Trinity River on Thursday, June 18, 2015, one day after Tropical Storm Bill rolled through North Texas.

California Crossing Under Water

Chopper 5 shows California Crossing at Luna Road in Northwest Dallas, where the road is flooded after Tropical Storm Bill moved through North Texas.

Road Erosion at Loop 12 and I-30
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Chopper 5 shows erosion of the slopes along Interstate 30 and Loop 12.
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