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Chilling Surveillance Video Reveals Moments Before Fatal Deep Ellum Shooting

Dallas Police are trying to track down the men they believe to be connected to a fatal shooting shooting of a man just minutes after striking up a conversation with him in convenience store.

Surveillance video shows that the victim, identified as 28-year-old Adan Lozano, never suspected he was being targeted.

It happened around 2:45 a.m. Saturday in Deep Ellum neighborhood in the 2600 block of Main Street.

Adan Lozano is seen inside a convenience store in the checkout line.

He appears to be interacting with another man at the cash register – even giving him a fist bump before placing his items on the counter.

As Lozano leaves the store, three men are seen standing outside of the door.

Another angle shows the same three men, including the one he'd just spoken to inside the store, following Lozano through the parking lot.

Lozano never looks back, seemingly unaware that he's being followed.

The shooting isn't shown on the surveillance footage we're broadcasting. However, the moments following the shooting are.

The three men are seen running through the streets near the corner of Main and Good-Latimer.

Police say Lozano had been shot multiple times and later died at the hospital.

The men seen in the video are still on the loose.

A second person was shot once while sitting in a car as this unfolded. That person will be ok.

The manager of public safety for the Deep Ellum Foundation announced Friday that anyone visiting the area this weekend should expect to see beefed up security.

Anyone with information on the shooting last week is asked to call police.

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