Children's Health Celebrates Cape Day With Superheroes Visit

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Children's Health marked 'Cape Day' with a visit from superheroes Spider-Man and Batman, hanging from window washing platforms outside the hospital windows in Dallas, waving to the young patients and staff inside.

"We decided what better opportunity to take National Superhero Day and celebrate the superhero patients in hospitals across Children's Health," Children's Medical Center Foundation President Brent Christopher said. "That includes the superhero patients, families, and friends around them, the superhero caregivers that take care of them; today is a day to lift all those people up and show them the community is standing with them."

For 3-year-old Leone Hernandez, 'Cape Day' is every day he is at the hospital. Hernandez was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia last June.

"It is really hard to find those things out," mom Natalia Hernandez said. "He's a strong kid," dad Dario Hernandez added.

The Hernandez family dresses in superhero costumes every time they go to the hospital. They have an entire superhero wardrobe, from Superman to Spider-man, to Batman, the Incredibles, and more.

"We try to show him that we're strong and brave and we are here for him," Natalia Hernandez said. "But then we also know that behind those masks, we can hide our tears."

Hernandez's pediatric oncologist Dr. Laura Klessy said the family's attitude toward treatment isn't surprising.

"Really helps them go in with this...we're all part of this. We are all part of this fight, and we can do it because we're superheroes, and I really think that does make a difference."

The Hernandez family calls it their 'God Project'.

"Living these type of battles, they're really hard, but they're not impossible," Natalia Hernandez said. "Leo is a superhero for us."

In honor of Cape Day, Mi Cocina is offering diners a give-back opportunity to donate to Children's Health now through May 1.

Thursday night, the Dallas skyline will turn red to mark Cape Day.

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