Children Watch Funeral Procession Pass By: “Thank You for Sacrificing Your Life”

Not everyone could attend the funerals Wednesday for three of the Dallas officers killed in last week’s ambush. Many people chose to line the streets instead to watch the funeral procession pass by, including a group of children who stood with an American flag and a powerful message.

Like the cars in a police motorcade, the pain feels like it just keeps coming. It’s heavy and it’s big. Especially when you’re small.

“It’s hard to put it into words,” said 9-year-old Maya Haesecki.

Maya and a couple dozen other children watched every car that passed in procession by their daycare.

“To honor all the policemen that died for us and sacrificed themselves,” said 8-year-old Giselle Centeno.

The children kept one hand on an American flag and another on their hearts.

“It’s just not fair that people risk their lives to save us and it’s just not fair at all,” said 11-year-old Addisyn Alberty.

Addisyn’s uncle is a police officer and the moment hit her hard. She started crying and said her tears came from the most honest place: “My heart.”

Parents think a lot about what to say to their kids, what they’re taking in.

“I got emotional and they’re like you’re crying Miss Diana,” said Diana Mizell, Owner of Kaleidoscope Child Development Center. “It’s because it’s right here in our hometown and it’s right in our city, so it’s really hard to see.”

The children see it too and sent simple words to five grieving families.

“I know how it feels and you guys can get through,” said Addisyn.

And to the officers we all lost.

“Thank you for sacrificing your life,” said Maya.

Eleven-year-old Bryce Porter added, “Thank you for supporting us.”

Small voices bringing hope that maybe the next generation will get it right.

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