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Childhood Cancer Survivor Beat the Odds, Gives Back

A Richardson boy who beat cancer continues to beat the odds and is now giving back.

"Yeah, I like a bit of a challenge," joked 16-year-old Bronson Balzac.

The J.J. Pearce High School student is a member of the National Honor Society, cross country team and orchestra.

He's always on the go, but 11 years ago he was fighting for his life.

"His tumor was as big as a cantaloupe wrapped around his aorta, his kidney and his adrenal gland," said his mother, Leann Balzac. "And his bone marrow was at least 95-percent packed with cancer cells."

You'd never know it, looking at Bronson now.

"Now I really understand the statistics, the odds," he said. "When I was sitting there I wasn't like, 'There's 10 kids on this floor, and one of us is going to live.' I wasn't thinking that."

He was treated at Medical City Children's Hospital and he refuses to let cancer define him. Instead, he uses his experience as a way to give back, helping with cancer survivor studies.

He's a remarkable, courageous kid.

"He wants to prove he's not the cancer kid," his mom added. "He wants to help other people."

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