Child Injured in Dallas Road Rage Shooting Out of ICU

Girl, 9, undergoes multiple surgeries to repair damage done to kidney, intestines

Rubye Rhodes
Diamond Dixon

The 9-year-old girl seriously wounded in an apparent road rage shooting Sunday is continuing to recover and has been taken out of the Intensive Care Unit.

The girl, Rubye Rhodes, has been in a Dallas hospital since she was shot Sunday night while riding in the car with her family. The child has undergone multiple surgeries to repair damage done by a bullet that tore through her kidney and intestines when someone opened fire on she and her family.

Diamond Dixon, the girl's mother, said a man was driving erratically on Interstate 35, nearly hit other drivers and swerved into her lane in front of her. She said she honked at him as she passed him, but he then got in front of her and slammed on his brakes. He then drove up next to her and began shooting toward her car.

Rubye Rhodes
Rhodes family
Rubye Rhodes in the hospital recovering from a shooting.

She said she was going to get the man's license plate number to report to police when her daughter started screaming that she'd been shot.

The best description of the driver Dixon could recall is that he was driving a white, newer model car, like an Infinity coupe, with tinted windows. She said the man was white, with short salt and pepper hair, a goatee and was wearing dark-colored clothing.

Police are still looking for the person who opened fire on her mother's vehicle. There is a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment in the case

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