Child Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Inside Vacant Dallas Home

Neighbors say vacant, abandoned homes can be used for crime

A Dallas man is in custody, accused of sexually assaulting a child inside a southeast Dallas home.

Police say Michael Wade, 60, lured an 8-year-old boy inside an abandoned home on the 2900 block of South Boulevard near Fair Park. Neighbors say they have been have been complaining about the home for months.

Jerald Evans was at a loss for words when he spoke about the vacant home problem in his southeast Dallas neighborhood. He claims it's only getting worse and says he's complained about unmanicured lawns, chipped paint, keep-out signs and broken glass to no avail.

"I've been telling them about the property all the time – how people are living in there, how they come on my property," he said.

Evans's home is right next to where Wade was recently arrested for allegedly luring and sexually assaulting the child inside the vacant home.

"As I look here on his rap sheet this man is someone that shouldn't even be on the street. He has one of the longest rap sheets that I've even taken a look at," said former Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway.

Caraway has been on a vacant home crusade for years, but says the problem is only getting worse.

"This is something that's widespread throughout the city, and we must come up with a plan that will address tearing down vacant houses," he said.

Caraway argues police can only do so much.

"Let this be another alarm for the need to knock down these vacant houses that are housing opportunities for predators and criminals," he said.

They are concerns that Evans says Caraway and others should continue to address.

"Can you make them board it up, clean it up, tear it down? You know, give me a break," Evans said.

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