Grapevine Parents Protest After Child Accused of Sexually Assaulting Elementary Student

Investigation into an allegation of sexual assault is underway, parents asked to talk to their children and report suspicions of abuse immediately

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A Grapevine child is under investigation, accused of sexually assaulting an elementary school student.

Police said in a statement Thursday they were investigating a report of a child sexually assaulted by another student earlier this month at Silver Lake Elementary School, a K-5th campus with about 550 students.

Police revealed no further information about the allegation, including the ages or classes of the students involved. They also have also not revealed any details about where the assault was said to have taken place.

"The investigation is still active, and we advised the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District to limit information both to protect the family and the investigation. We want parents and our community to know that we are working with the family to obtain all necessary information and ensure they are receiving support services moving forward," police said in a statement Thursday.

Police said they are also working closely with officials at the school to maintain the safety of the students and to protect their investigation.

I just feel like if every mom knew what we know, no one would be there, literally no one. Not even the teachers. It would be empty.

Denisse Espinosa, parent

A group of parents gathered outside the school Friday afternoon to demand answers as to why it took so long for parents to be informed.

Grapevine Police said Friday there were no updates in the case and would only confirm to NBC 5 that the alleged assault occurred on Sept. 19 and was reported to police the following day. The district did not inform parents until 10 days later, on Sept. 29, when Grapevine Police announced the investigation publicly.

"We were enraged. First of all, such a horrific thing happening. And second that we weren't notified right away," said Angelica Birdsong, parent.

Police are expressing frustration that there is incorrect information being shared among parents online and that they can't correct them without possibly compromising their investigation.

"This is a sensitive case and we will continue to limit information to protect both the victim and our active investigation. We appreciate the understanding and support from parents and the community as we work this case," the department said Friday.

Investigators said they encourage parents to "talk with their children about safety in an age-appropriate way, and watch for signs of possible abuse, including a child who suddenly acts out or displays an extreme mood change." Anyone who suspects their child could be a victim of abuse is urged to immediately call the Grapevine Police at 817-410-8127 or by calling 911.

The department's Victim Services Advocate is available to anyone in the community seeking support for themselves or a family member. The Victim Service Advocate can be reached at 817-410-3491 or

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