Chef Jon Bonnell Cooks at Twenty at the Tower

Bonnell shares seafood recipes at mystery dinner

Foodies in North Texas will experience another weekend of mystery dining at Twenty at Tower -- where they know where they're going for dinner, but who is cooking is a mystery.

The Twenty at the Tower dinners on Sunday and Monday nights in June and July benefit the 2014 Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival, which NBC 5 sponsors.

Guests reserve a seat for $75 and learn who's in the kitchen when they arrive for dinner.

"It's fun that the audience has no idea who's coming," said Jon Bonnell, chef and owner of Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine and Waters Bonnell's Coastal Cuisine.

Bonnell was the guest chef last weekend for a sold-out crowd.

"We thought if we're doing Twenty at the Tower, we gotta feature our Seafood Tower," which is on the menu at Waters.  Bonnell served a mini-version of the tower with shrimp, oysters, Ahi tuna tartar and crab as one of his four courses.

Bonnell said the only thing it takes to make the seafood tower at home is "great fresh perfect seafood."

The hardest part is shucking the oysters, so ask for help when you buy them, Bonnell suggests.

"Ask the fishmonger to show you one.  He'll be happy to show you the knife, how it works. Use a towel, hold it on top, so you don't accidentally hurt your hand a little bit."

And if you're concerned about how to eat the shrimp so you get the last piece of meat, go ahead and consider it a finger food.

"Grab a shrimp. There's just a little tail section there. Put your fingers on either side. Dip into your favorite sauce and as you put it into your mouth, you squeeze on that, pull and it comes right out," instructs Bonnell. "The reason we leave the tail on the shrimp is so you have a handle to pick it up."

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Also, Bonnell has shared three recipes which can be found below.

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