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Charter Buses Move Into Neighborhoods to Provide Mobile Warming Stations

Call Cowtown Charters to find a mobile warming station near you

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Warming stations have been set up around Dallas-Fort Worth but often times people don't like to or don't have a way to get to them. 

Dallas County is trying to help people without power get out of the cold by bringing the warming centers right to the neighborhoods.

Mario Galvan normally works as a school bus driver in Birdville Independent School District, on Wednesday we found him in Duncanville.

He doesn't have students to shuttle to school this week so he jumped at the chance to drive around town and bring a souped up charter bus in the middle of neighborhoods in need.

The bus is warm. It has power to charge phones, a clean restroom, masks and hand sanitizers.

There are even TV screens and DVD players.

The buses are paid for by the city and county and spread out across Dallas County in areas where power has been out for an extended time.

"I know one of out buses was scheduled to go to one area and they moved them to another area that was needing it," said Galvan.

Getting people to uses the buses has been hit or miss, some had no visitors while others had a handful.

"They went home to see if power was back on and i guess it is and they stayed home," said Galvan.

The idea is simple, all the creature comforts of home on wheels, even if it's just for a short time.

"What's what we're supposed to do, help each other as best we can," said Galvan.

The buses are moving from location to location to try to meet the demand. You can call Cowtown Charters at (817) 654-1287 to find one closest to you, or click here.

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