Charity Supplies Stolen from Midlothian Storage Unit

A North Texas charity is fighting to get back on its feet.

Overnight, thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of supplies from the Manna House in Midlothian. The supplies are used to help feed the hungry.

"We don't turn anybody away for food," board member Justin Coffman said.

Wednesday morning, Coffman says organizers found the locks on a storage unit sliced and the unit itself cleared out.

"I was shocked, you know," Coffman said. "It's not really the stuff that was missing, of course, that was frustrating, but it's the fact that something was taken that is utilized to help make people happy and help meet people's need."

Though some of the supplies have already been replaced by donations, the charity will have to pay for the rest out of pocket.

"It's quite literally taking foods out of peoples' mouths when we have to use those funds to replace the items that were stolen," Coffman said.

The hope is that the theft wasn't targeted at the Manna House but rather an unfortunate coincidence that impacts not just the charity but also the thousands who rely on it to eat.

"It would take a pretty sick person to knowingly steal from an organization that their sole target is to feed people and feed children and feed elderly," Coffman said.

Coffman says, as far as he knows, the charity's storage unit is the only unit that was burglarized.

Midlothian police are now investigating.

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