Chapel Bulldozes Couple's Dream Wedding

SMU's Perkins Chapel cancels some weddings in 2010 for construction

Couples book the Perkins Chapel at Southern Methodist University more than a year in advance. But that planning didn't help one North Texas bride.

The chapel called Katie Ruggeri to cancel her wedding -- for Valentine's Day weekend in 2010.

"They said they decided to start a construction project that would stretch from December to February 13th which is our wedding day," she said. "They couldn't guarantee it would be done on time."

SMU said it will close the chapel starting in January for construction. With four weddings a weekend, Ruggeri may not be alone in looking for another venue during that popular wedding weekend.

What makes it worse? She said Perkins Chapel was her dream location.

 "It perfectly matched everything I had pictured in my head," Ruggeri said. "I mean, it was my ideal church."

She and her fiance, Nathan Nelson, met two years ago.

"When I met Katie it was pure magic," Nelson said.  "I just knew I had to meet her."

The couple said they now worry their plans will have to be changed.

"We planned everything around getting married at Perkins Chapel," Ruggeri said.

Those plans include deposits on their reception venue, a band and a caterer. And some key family members won't be able to attend if their original date changes.

"I have a brother that's actually in the military," Nelson said. "So he's going back to Afghanistan in March, so we wanted to do it before then."

But the couple say they will still remain hopeful. They said they realize they will at least be together in the end.

"I know Katie has this perfect picture in her head, so I'm hoping that we can get close to it," Nelson said. "The 'I do's' is what counts though."

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