Charles Barkley on Zeke Elliott: ‘This Fool Down Here in Dallas’

Charles Barkley and Ezekiel Elliott

Hall of Fame basketball player Charles Barkley is going off on Cowboys All Pro running back Ezekiel Elliott after he was caught on video pulling down a female’s shirt, exposing her breast during the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Greenville Avenue in Dallas.

The NFL star was on top of a rooftop of a Dallas when the video was shot.

Barkley told the Jim Rome Show (a show I proudly filled in for when Romey was on vacation when I worked in Los Angeles), “This fool down here in Dallas…man, you know this kids is so great at football. He already has this domestic thing at Ohio State. Now he’s pulling down girls shirts at Mardi Gras. Dude-this is professional football. This ain’t Ohio State. Grow up and be a man. It just drives me crazy when I see some of this stuff these kids do.”

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