Chain Stores, Online Shopping Spell End to Beloved Denton Natural Food Store

A longtime natural foods and products store in Denton has a big sale happening this weekend. But the streamers hanging outside The Cupboard aren't there for celebration. In fact, it's the opposite.

Owner Paul Tanis announced last month that the store would close, after more than a half-century of business in Denton.

"I feel like places like this are disappearing, and you don't find them very often," said shopper Dana Rogers. "So when I come to town I always make sure I stop by."

Tanis says faithful customers have always been the best part of the job, since he took over the business 22 years ago. The place specialized in natural foods and products way before those product were considered mainstream.

"We get to see the same faces almost every day," Tanis said. "We have a real loyal customer base."

But for the past four or five years, Tanis says, business has dropped off. He says competition from a growing number of natural food chains and online shopping through sites like Amazon have cut into business to the point where staying open just isn't worth it.

"Every year a new competitor would come to town, so we'd lose a little, gain a little. Lose a little, gain a little," he said.

So a clearance sale is now in full swing. Some shelves are already empty. Tanis figures the place he loves and enjoys so much will close by early March.

"Sad, really," said Rogers, as she purchased discounted natural oils. "It's a loss."

Tanis says a sale contract has been signed, but he is not sure what the new owner's plans are for the site. Since announcing the closing, he says customers have stopped by to reminisce, and, of course, take advantage of closeout deals. And they are wishing him well, which for that, he is grateful.

"That's been my prayer on a daily basis, is that whoever comes here would be blessed by what we're doing here," he said. "It's very gratifying to me to live through it and see it to the end."

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