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Celina Garden Tour Coming Back After Pandemic Pause

It's been three years since the Celina Garden Club hosted its bi-annual Celina Garden Tour

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The Celina Garden Club has had more time than usual to plan its bi-annual Celina Garden Tour. The pandemic delayed it, but now the tour is coming back.

"It was hard not to get together with our group of crazy garden ladies," said Melissa Mateer-Green, Celina Garden Club Special Events & Philanthropy Coordinator.

The Celina Garden Tour will take visitors through rural Celina properties that range in size from one acre to more than 200 acres.

"Look at the incredible beauty of these homes," Mateer-Green said. "It's really breathtaking."

The gardens are impressive enough to be on display, and it took work to get them that way.

"We had that crazy snowmageddon that killed a lot of people's gardens," Mateer-Green said, explaining that a lot of replanting happened during the pandemic pause.

"Gardening is joy. It's just relaxation, and unwinding, being in nature," Mateer-Green said. "It's Zen."

The last time the Celina Garden Club hosted the Celina Garden Tour, about 400 tickets were sold. They hope to increase that number this year. The money goes to the club's Celina High School Scholarship Fund.

The Celina Garden Tour is Saturday, June 11 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For tickets and more information click here.

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