Lexie Houghtaling

Cedar Hill ISD Students Get Cash for High AP Test Scores

A student who scored a 3 or better on an Advanced Placement test received more than college credit

A group of Cedar Hill ISD students were rewarded with not only high scores and college credit on their Advanced Placement tests, but also some extra money.

Cedar Hill ISD partnered with the Cedar Hill Education Fund to distribute $30,000 among 80 students who scored well on their AP exams.

If a student scored a 3 they received $300, a 4 netted them $400, and a 5 made them $500 richer.

Aakilah McCoy is one of the students who received a portion of the money.

McCoy is going to be a senior at Cedar Hill High school, and got a 3 on the AP Literature AP US History tests.

She left on Wednesday with $600.

"All my hard work paid off," McCoy said.

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